Monday, February 3, 2014

Hawk Yeah!

Well I'd say that was pretty convincing.

A total team complete game domination.  An old school asswhupping.

Tough to pick a Super Bowl MVP.  Like the '85 Bears, it had to go to someone on the defense. Malcolm Smith was in the right place at the right couple of times (just like he was to seal the NFC championship); got no qualms that they gave it to him.  But it was the guys getting up in Old Manning's face who really deserved it.  They got Peyton's jersey plenty dirty (as New England couldn't).

And the offense, which kept cranking out 1st downs, deserves a ton of credit for keeping the other guys' most prolific offense in history off the field. Under-respected receivers Baldwin and Kearse got to taste end zone glory - the latter's spinning, defender-shucking romp was simply awesome - way to go, local kid!  As did Lynch, unlike his predecessor in Beast-dom, the late great Walter Payton.

Yes, this team and its players deserves to be compared with all-timers.

Percy Harvin finally earned his millions... in twelve electric seconds.  Richard Sherman was so good he played himself out of the limelight, for once.  Russell Wilson far outshined a first-ballot hall of famer.  The list goes on and on.  Every man contributed, every single Seahawk left it all on the field.

John Schneider, the man who put it all together, got plenty of well-deserved credit - when is the last time an exec got so much press?  So did coach Carroll, who mentioned to the 12th man over and over (as did commissioner Goodell, and Paul Allen, and everyone else).  I expect he led the guys through some new age meditation mumbo jumbo in the days prior or whatever - goddamn hippy, he'll never win in this league... right?

What a win for the city of Seattle.  Expectations were sky high all season, and our boys in blue lived up to every one of them.  Won the division.  Won home field.  Eliminated our rivals for the NFC crown.  Then, on the biggest stage of them all, executed an epic beat down.

Hawk Yeah!

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