Monday, January 6, 2014

'Lone Survivor' : Long Game High Ground

That pretty young Afghan boy with the big eyes pondering why we decided to take the humanitarian route, that decidedly 'brown' Arab kid practicing our words; think about that.  

Those villagers helping Marky Mark were cool and made sense, as did the inevitable military brotherhood tripe – which is probably indubitably accurate.

Hollywood personalizing the soldiers with enhanced peccadillos was obvious, so too was the call for more hardware on the ground and in the air (subtext: it all could’ve been avoided given more "defense" contracts).  

But really, the movie was all about the importance of making an impression upon the next generation of our enemies’ doormats.  

Those few hero marines who perished in combat because they followed the rules of engagement wouldn’t want to be thought of as martyrs, except to their loved ones (by whom they inevitably will be). They were just doing their jobs, obeying the directive of their commander-in chief.

Because they’re Frogmen – Hoo-rah!  Maybe they were even actually cowards come crunchtime, who knows, who cares?  There’s no declassified evidence regarding any of this shit.  But that wouldn’t make for such a saleable story.  Hey, at least they put themselves there, which is more than one can say for the 99%.

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