Thursday, October 10, 2013

HOV Lanes

God I fucking hate traffic.

How great would it be if all new cars were electric, with smart cruise control like my Dad’s Durango has?  We’d cut down on fuel consumption; conserve our oil for when that valuable resource becomes scarce (and an even more irreplaceable one: the environment), and, by outfitting the entire car with sensors, we'd be able to plug in to a supercomputer which moved us from point A to point B maximally efficiently.  

Super Smart Cruise Control wouldn’t only wisely slow you down when you came flying up on somebody’s tailgate, it would brake to avoid mistakes you couldn't see coming and we’d travel through cities at exactly the speed limit, all of us together, sitting there drinking our lattes, chatting out our windows (you could :find friends and request to ride next to them in the interest of a pleasanter commute), wearing our Google glasses to direct our vehicle’s focus when necessary, like around turns or in emergencies.  But mostly, the vehicle would help us.  It would see things coming from all sides and keep perfect space and pace even when merging, eliminating bottlenecks and caterpillar humpback flow, possibly even red lights. 

Author demands 10% gross project budget, to which he is entitled, as Author retains All rights to his intellectual property, which he automatically copyrights by writing it down right now.

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