Friday, June 28, 2013

School’s Out in D.C.; Grades In

The Supreme Court went short of calling marriage a fundamental right; indeed, they straight up punted on prop 8, about which I’d be extremely upset if it didn’t mean the appellate court’s overturning of the gay marriage ban will stand. That is, gay marriage will resume in California, whoo hoo.

But by overturning DOMA the Court directly remedied a glaring inequity: Bi-national homosexual couples’ petitions for change of residency status were formerly thrown out; now they will be evaluated the same as straight couples’, provided that they were married in a marriage equality state.  All U.S. Citizens get to make their spouses citizens now, even mail-order brides; it’s one of the best federal rights we have; one of the greatest gifts we can bestow upon our beloveds on our gayest of wedding days.  The Supreme Court gets an A-.

The United States Senate gets a C-.

Here’s why: First of all, their schizophrenic immigration “reform” bill has no prayer of getting through the House. Secondly, yes, they’re offering a path to citizenship for long-term illegals, who everybody hires under the table with a wink, whose masters pocket the payroll deduction, who don’t pay taxes… The Senate says: sign ee up; I need someone to foot my social security and medicare bills!

But keep em out!

Beef up border security; build the Berlin wall like we’re mortal enemies; the China wall, like they’re some bloodthirsty Mongol horde. Construct the Great Wall of Drones, ‘cause they’re brown.

For those already here, the “path to citizenship” would be a relative win (again, if it somehow survived the House of Representatives’ red pens), though the proscribed road is long, and it requires one to constantly best-behave and obey. To any overseas family members, however, well… we really wish you could join all the fun, it’s just: we’re full: we’ve decided that about 15% ‘ethnic’ is as high as we’re willing to go. We also don’t want any more black people, which a lot of “you people” are, you know.

I’m not that saying that the rich old white boys’ club isn’t slowly adapting, it’s just that these particular rich white men and women want their super-privileged sons and daughters to get easy schmooze jobs too. Thus, they can’t let the voting demographic get too out of whack.

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